Smart Computer is fundamentally different from other computer support firms because of our passion for assisting our customers. We provide Complete Computer Services we specialise in Desktop, Laptop and on-site technical support also sales of all IT related Hardware, Software, Network Infrastructure Installations as well as Network Security and Threat Management.

Since we began in 2012, we’ve been on a clear mission to deliver dedicated Computer repair services to businesses and individuals in the Kolkata city and other cities or countries by Remote Support.

Today, more than 30K customers, 50 companies and Government (including West Bengal Government, Central Government and some of the India’s biggest brands) in over 25 cities already trust us and rely on our Computer Services.

Our small yet highly agile team are all fully committed to this company. This makes us flexible and powerful enough for our business. .

We offer our customers IT solutions that optimize business productivity. We build and manage operational systems that save time and money.

We also offer It surveillance security system. We have already done several Governmental, Public and private projects.


About Us

Welcome to our website. We can only guess that you need help with Desktop, Laptop and Printer devices which has been damaged or needs repair and you’re probably looking for great service at a low cost. Well you’ve come to the right place; let us tell you more about our services.

Low Prices

When we fetch a problem in our device that’s needs to repair, the first thing that comes to mind is getting you the best price available. Thanks to our team and CEO we are able to do repair service at affordable prices. We will always call you before we visit your place and also you will receive notification through email and sms service. We will always be available to any questions you may have regarding your device problems.

Best Service

You can be assured that we will offer the best service available in the area. Our main technician has over a decade of experience in computer repair, software installation, network configuration and has worked in countless computer repair service making him a professional in this line of work. If you scroll up you can see that we offer services on any device, no matter what brand or model. We are up to date with the most advanced methods of computer repair meaning that you’ll be getting your device back in no time.

Service Warranty

If you do decide to become a premier customer, your will get 30 days warranty. If anything happens to the device such as a virus, system malfunction, etc, bring it back to us and we’ll fix for free. But understand that the warranty only applies to the service involved; any new parts required will be paid by you. Also if you’re having any problems operating your device feel free to stop by, we would be happy to help you out.

Free Diagnosis

You might be surprised how many Computer repair company in Kolkata don’t offer free diagnosis, but we do. Whatever your device may be feel free to drop it by for a free diagnosis. That’s because our main goal is to help you.